When the Windows Phone 7 update goes pear shaped

imageYesterday I advised that the NoDo update had been released by Telstra, unfortunately the update process didn’t go so smoothly. At the second last step it was supposed to do a reboot, but unfortunately the phone vibrated 7 times then hung on the boot screen. I left the phone and Zune update process for a considerable amount of time, but it was obvious the upgrade had failed. Attempts to reboot the phone by switching it off and on all simply returned to the same state. Further attempts to get it working including a factory reset also failed. Unfortunately the process of performing a factory reset effectively wipes everything off the phone and takes you back to the raw ROM, but seeing as the ROM is in a partial state – this is not possible. After much research on the web trying to find a solution I came across the following blog: http://barrymoves.blogspot.com/2011/05/did-you-use-chevronwp7updater-on-your.html which provides instructions for downloading and reloading the original Telstra ROM. So thankfully I now have a nice clean phone at its original state when I first bought it, all I need to do now is re-install all the apps and reconfigure all the settings again.


Re-enable the Zune Start-up Video

I downloaded the latest version of the Zune software on my home PC and was very impressed by the start-up video, however on my work pc I upgraded from a previous version and upon start-up the video was missing. I found that you can re-enable this through a simply registry edit. Open Regedit and navigate to HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Zune\FUE. Find a key called ShowFirstLaunchVideo and set its value to 1.


Next time you launch Zune you will be presented with the start-up video.


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