Creating a standalone Nancy server

Something I tend to be doing more often, is creating a standalone Nancy server and with each of them, I setup a lot of the same boilerplate code. So I thought I would put together what that setup looks like and throw the code up on GitHub.

This is an opinionated setup using the following packages: Nancy, Autofac, Serilog, ConfigInjector

Getting Started

Starting with a new empty web application in Visual Studio 2015:


Then add the initial nuget packages:

Install-Package Nancy.Hosting.Aspnet

Install-Package Nancy.Bootstrappers.Autofac

Next, implement the Autofac Bootstrapper for Nancy by adding a class called Bootstrapper.cs and implement the AutofacNancyBootstrapper:

    public class Bootstrapper : AutofacNancyBootstrapper
protected override void ConfigureApplicationContainer(ILifetimeScope existingContainer)
var builder = new ContainerBuilder();

Finally create a NancyModule class for the endpoint:

    public class SampleEndpoint : NancyModule
public SampleEndpoint() : base("/sample")
Get["/"] = _ => GetSampleData();

private Response GetSampleData()
return "hello world";

Now if you run up the application, and navigate to the sample endpoint, you should get the hello world response.


In the next post I’ll add some logging.


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