Google Guru

Yesterday I learned of a neat lab that’s available with Google Talk called ‘Google Guru’. It’s essentially a question and answer service that lets you do several types of queries using the Google Talk chat service. To setup the service, you first need to be signed into Google Talk, then add the contact Now you can initiate a chat session with the guru and ask questions such as the weather in your location:


Sports scores:


Ask simple calculations:


Or translations:


I must say though that it is very hit and miss with the results:


I ran a similar searches in one of the best question and answer services around, Wolfram Alpha which had no problems handling such requests:



















Next I thought I’d throw it some curly questions and see how they compare. Firstly in Google Guru:


Then in Wolfram Alpha:


So the Google Guru might be useful for some basic queries and if you are a fan of Google Talk as your IM client, you may find it handy, but it certainly struggles with many of the requests I gave it and the results no where as good as those by other such services.

For more information on the service, go to


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