Keeping in Sync – Part 3

hp_mini_notebook_win7As a follow up to my previous posts about keeping in Sync, I wanted to show that I now have a forth computer in the mix that I need to keep in sync. I am now the proud owner of a HP Mini 2140 running Windows 7 and Office 2010 CTP.

Adding this computer to the mix was a snap, I simply downloaded and installed Live Mesh and added it to my devices. I was then able to sync my working documents and favourites.

For blogging, I am using Windows Live Writer and as such I am now also syncing my draft posts using Live Mesh between each of my machines. The Live Writer drafts folder is stored under the “My Documents” folder inside “My Weblog Posts\Drafts”. For Windows XP, this equates to C:\Documents and Settings\{Username}\My Documents\My Weblog Posts\Drafts. For Windows 7 it will be under C:\Users\{Username}\My Documents\My Weblog Posts\Drafts. By adding the drafts folder to the Live Mesh Folders and I can work on a post from work, click “Save Draft” then when I get home I can continue where I left off.